Quality Range of Clothes Airers Manufactured by Artweger

3 Year Guarantee - Space Saving - Eco Friendly



Ruckzuck wall mounted

The Ruckzuck  wall mounted clothes airer comes in four handy sizes 60cm, 80cm, 100cm and 120cm. This airer is also weatherproof so can be used outside ..Read More

Clothes airer with towel railThe Artdry combines an airer and towel rail. Clean lines and clever design make a great option for the bathroom, kitchen or utility area. Comes in three sizes 70cm, 80cm and 100cm............Read More


Indoor washing lineThe Rolldry compact multi-way washing line providing 69 feet of hanging space. Ideal to hang over a bath. The 5 lines retract neatly into its casing.........Read More




wall mounted drying rackThe Smart is a lighter weight version of the Ruckzuck. In 3 handy sizes 60cm 80cm and 100cm. Ideal for small families and singles with a limited amount of space...........Read More


Towel holder 3 rodsThe towel holders Erika and Isolde are perfect in any kitchen.The rods can be swung against the wall when not in use.......Read More


Free standing clothes airerThe TopDry airer in Maxi and Mini* sizes can be used indoors or outdoors. Folds flat for easy storage. Mini version perfect in the bath for drip drying.........Read More

 *TopDry Mini is currently out of stock