Washing Airers - How To Create More Space

Anyone visiting a new modern estate home or apartment will soon find out that the traditional airing cupboard has all but disappeared. 
Apartments generally have no communal drying space or laundry area. Further more, to keep apartment blocks and new housing estates tidy no washing line can be hung outside or on the balcony. 
So what can the owner of a flat or an apartment do to replace missing drying space?
There should be a fanfare of trumpets at this point to herald the arrival of: - 
The wall mounted airer and floor standing airer; Together they form part of a complete range of modern design laundry airers and drying racks. 
The wall mounted airer is unobtrusive when fitted. It expands concertina style when needed and folds away after use. Installed indoors in a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or utility room or outside on a sheltered sunny wall or balcony it provides an instant and fixed location for the never ending daily and weekly washing. 
A permanent indoor eco friendly washing line, which operates silently using zero energy and creating, zero emissions. When placed in a heated room it uses existing heat so it really costs nothing to dry your clothes. 
Placed directly over a working radiator it provides an instant drying space where clothes can be hung. Especially following a fast spin dry they can be fully dried in a few hours.
Two airers can be installed in a double decker arrangement one above the other. In this way previously unused space higher up the wall nearer the ceiling becomes available.
In the double decker arrangement the top clothes airer can be used to hang longer clothes on lightweight plastic hangers including shirts, t shirts etc. The lower airer may be used for shorter length items. 
A free wall in a utility room could be an opportunity to install several airers mounted side by side in this generally neglected area leaving free space below.
The Clothes airer provides a natural, environmentally friendly method of improving your use of available space and keeping your ever -growing pile of laundry in check.