Clothes Drying Rack - 5 Good Reasons Why You Should Buy One Today

The clothes drying rack is an essential piece of equipment in any home.

By clothes drying rack I don’t necessarily mean the old-fashioned pulley type, as I have recently discovered (and soon you will too) there is a whole wide world of various clothes drying racks out there. 

So why should you buy one today?

  • It will save you money – this only works if you use it. When you use the clothes drying rack that you have bought you wont be using electricity to power your tumble dryer. If you are an average household and you stop using your tumble dryer completely this could mean a saving of up to £100 per year.
  • It will save the Earth – this is a bit of an exaggeration but it will help to reduce carbon emissions. If five average households were to replace their tumble dryer with clothes drying racks that would reduce carbon emissions by 1 tonne per year. Just imagine if the whole world were to do it!
  • It will ease your stress – well a little bit of it. How often do you hang your washing out on the line first thing in the morning before going to work, shopping or visiting a friend only to look out of the window an hour later and its pouring with rain. Immediately you feel stressed, "that was a waste of time," you think to your self not to mention the fact that the jeans you were going to wear tomorrow won't be dry now. If you hang the washing on a clothes drying rack when you know that you are going to be out that day you will have eliminated a small amount of potential stress.
  • It will increase the life of your clothes – which will also save you money. When you use a tumble dryer all the heat and friction wears away the fabric which causes thinning and eventually holes, that is why your tumble dryer is full of fluff after drying a load. The heat also causes elastic to stretch and wrinkle. Hanging laundry on to a clothes drying rack will extend the life of your clothes.
  • It will make your day more peaceful – If you stop and think about all the machines we use for convenience they actually fill our heads with pollution, noise pollution that is. This can make us feel tense tired and as if we are constantly on the go. Instead of using the tumble dryer use the clothes drying rack and sit down with a cup of tea for some real peace and quiet before the kids come home. 

Before you rush out to purchase your shiny new clothes drying rack take a look at all the types you can get, decide which suits your needs and above all don’t just go for the cheapest it will no doubt prove to be a false economy. Look out for quality clothes drying racks with a manufacturers guarantee