Clothes Airer A Thing Of The Future Not Of The Past

The simple clothes airer began life for many hanging from the kitchen ceiling being raised and lowered using an old fashioned pulley. Still available today they look good in traditional homes but fully loaded with damp washing prove to be another obstacle to negotiate in the kitchen.

The modern alternative to the clothes airer is the tumble dryer. However most tumble dryers can only achieve the "C" energy category because despite so called sensor programmes they still consume too much energy. A leading survey calculated the average electricity usage of a tumble dryer to be 480kw h per year this means the average household is spending approximately £75 per year on clothes drying with larger families paying almost double. It would only take 5 average households to replace the tumble dryer with clothes airers to reduce carbon emissions by 1 tonne a year.

The modern clothes airer gives you a drying facility 24 hours every day of the year. That becomes especially effective when positioned over a radiator or beside a storage heater. The clothes hung on an airer will dry naturally as if pegged to a washing line on a dry warm day and what's more with a clothes airer you wont get those unsightly peg marks on your delicate clothing.

For those with larger quantities of laundry to dry the "double decker" method of mounting clothes airers gives maximum drying space using higher and lower drying positions. The upper airer can be loaded with shirts, cardigans, dresses etc all on hangers while the lower airer can be loaded with smaller items such as underwear, baby clothes, socks, towels. This “double decker” method encourages the use of empty wall space in your home. It is an efficient way of increasing your drying space while maintaining floor space.