Wall Mounted Airers - A Flexible Clothes Drying Solution

Everyone knows how important it is to control the growing pile of clothes waiting to be washed.

The expanding/retractable wall mounted airer could easily provide the answer or at least a valuable year round additional drying resource.

Many of us live in cities where space is limited. Many live in flats or in collage campus residences where local rules forbid the use of outdoor drying and do not provide communal facilities.

A wall mounted airer fixed to often unusable wall space in either single or "double decker" formation - one suitably spaced above the other or side by side will provide 24/7 drying of clothes, towels, sheets etc.

These dryers make you independent of tumble dryers or save trips to the launderette.

For older citizens who may not want to venture outside in darker days or in rough weather would appreciate having a drying airer available at any time.

Similarly those with reduced mobility and wheelchair users would find the wall mounted airer a benefit and give them the ability to control the complete washing and drying cycle with out relying on outside help.

Being wall mounted means that they can be fixed at any height e.g. above head height if floor space is limited or at waist height for easy wheelchair access.

Natural drying using the air or secondary heat from radiators will dry the clothes without the wear and tear you can get with tumble dryers.

The wall mounted airer can become the drying centre in your home. Suddenly all the clothes draped on radiators will disappear.

Certain wall mounted airers can also fold away when not in use.

Now you see it – Now you don’t

A sort of drying magic trick.