Clothes Airers Uk - Dryers For All Seasons

You may have heard of "a man for all seasons" but a clothes airer for all seasons that’s a new one on me! 


None of us like using tumble dryers the ultimate in convenience they are carbon users since they use large amounts of electricity created in the UK largely by burning fossil fuels suck as coal wood and natural gas.


The clothes airer probably began its life as a series of strategically placed tree branches made into a drying rack and stuck into the ground outside the cave! That is assuming clothes were worn or pelts were washed regularly if at all.


Today we are bombarded with adverts telling us how to get clothes cleaner, whiter and colours brighter. Everyone faces the daily challenge of the daily or weekly wash. For busy Mums with growing families the pile never seems to go down.


The weekly family budget is another factor that must be considered and simply turning on the tumble dryer is a real luxury. What though do you do when the UK weather turns nasty for long periods? Drying clothes on a washing line outdoors is not possible so we are caught between higher electricity bills or no dry clothes.

Many resort to piling wet clothes on radiators in hallways turning the home into an untidy place for all visitors to see.


But help is at hand with a full range of clothes airers ready to provide a practical and permanent solution to the UK weather.


Imagine a fixed expanding/retractable clothes airer ready to receive spun dried clothes, towels etc. Positioned over a radiator these airers provide a perfectly natural drying point where laundry can be hung and removed as it dries.


Unlike the tumble dryer which even in so called sensor models must wait till all clothes are dried hence the high costs.

The modern clothes airer range contains dryers for all seasons, tastes and available room. In utility, bathroom, kitchen, balcony or wherever airers provide a working solution to busy drying.