Laundry Airer Dryers - The Complete Carbon Offset Energy Free Drying System

How would you like an energy free laundry dryer, which helped reduce your carbon footprint every time you dried laundry. 

It’s a great question and the answer for us all in these days of global warming must be obvious to all.

Laundry airer dryers provide this complete system.

The range of airers available includes floor standing airers which can be placed virtually anywhere on floor space outside or inside and their advantage outside is that they can be moved with the path of the sun.

There are wall mounted airers, which fix to a wall space and expand out in to the room creating hanging space when needed and cleverly folding away when not.

There are in the bath airers that are essentially mini floor standing airers and also over the bath retractable washing lines. Four lines are built in to the washing line, which can expand to provide up to 69 feet of washing line.

Expanding airers can be in plastic or in aluminium for light or heavy use, home or commercial.

Wall mounted airers can be installed in double banked arrangements or side by side to fill a wall. They can be mounted at any height and are perfect to be placed in that never used space higher up the wall near the ceiling to be used with clothes hangers.

A complete indoor laundry dryer system is ideal for wet weather, or dark winter days and nights. Ideal for apartments and hall of residence dwellers or those in smaller homes with restricted for drying or no garden.

The benefits of having a complete natural energy free airer dryer system are:

  •         Carbon offset every time you don’t use a tumble dryer
  •         Use existing elements or heating
  •         Zero costs
  •        Zero pollution
  •        Independence from extremes of weather
  •       You can have portable or wall mounted solutions
  •        You can use unused rooms or normally unusable space
  •        You can add to your system with flexible towel holders for the kitchen or bathroom

In fact by using airers drying racks washing lines and towel holders every room could become a drying system room.