Floor Standing Airers - The Strong Silent Type

The floor standing airer is the ideal answer to so many washing day challenges. 

It should be very strong holding heavy weights as a true clothes horse. The sides should be completely flexible and the locking hinges very secure when closed. 

Floor standing airers are naturally portable. They can take advantage of sunny days and warm walls or be brought inside in the garage or balcony spare room or even the kitchen. 

A truly flexible one stop drying solution and as all natural clothes airers energy free.

Floor standing airers use zero energy, create no emissions or even steamy air and are totally silent to operate. 

This strong silent type of airer is favoured by holiday camps and European camping villages where more than 3000 floor standing airers have been supplied. They easily meet the tough handling requirements of families on holiday.

Floor standing airers are available in different sizes (maxi and mini).
The mini size for smaller households fits into the bath to cater for wet dripping clothes, towels etc. The maxi size for full laundry requirements. 

Floor standing airers are fully flexible, portable and fold away in a cupboard until next required. 

Buying the cheapest is not a long lasting solution. Put your money on the strong silent type those floor standing airers will give you years of uncomplaining service.