The Complete Energy Free Drying Solution

Clothes drying airers save you energy and the more you use them the more you save. Why, because you use either free energy, the sun, the air to dry the clothes so, simply stated you are not accumulating costs.

Clothes airers can use secondary heat in a heated bedroom, bathroom, utility room or for that matter any room. Placed above a radiator they use the upward travelling hot air so again you get clothes drying at no additional cost.

Clothes airers stop you using your tumble dryer or the laundrette. Tumble dryers are very expensive to run and use electricity. By not using your tumble dryer you save energy and reduce your carbon footprint.

Clothes airers are clearly carbon neutral products, which use no energy to achieve their task – drying clothes.

We are urged to plant a tree when we take a flight but lets face it we will soon tire of planting trees. Its not habit forming but drying wet clothes is something we all have to achieve by using the natural elements or fossil burning purchased energy such as electricity. Electricity in the UK is largely produced by coal burning, power generating stations. Clothes dryers use zero fuel, have zero emissions and cost zero to run.

Clothes airers can also be used as part of a range of airers, which gives you a complete drying solution. Imagine a bank of wall mounted dryers airers in the bedroom, utility, on the bath or over the bath or an outside washing line or free standing airer.