Washing Rack - Dirty Words

Laundry, as we all know, can be one of the dirtiest subjects on the planet.

It is also one of the most talked about because depending on how you dry your clothes could mean an increase or a decrease in your carbon footprint.
The invention of the domestic tumble dryer meant that clothes could be dried in bad weather conditions and for those families who rely on clean school or work clothes they were sorely needed.

Unfortunately they just happen to use lots electricity that is mainly created by burning fossil fuels and increasing our carbon footprint.

Of course there was always the pulley dryer, the old wooden clothes horse with iron ends, installed in most kitchens. They provided a means of drying before the tumble dryer and before that the humble washing line was Queen of dryers apart from the hazardous fireguard. 

Today the modern washing rack comes in a multi – option choice of different dryers. 

The washing rack comes in floor, wall or expanding washing line versions. Washingracks are referred to as carbon neutral users of negative therms since they dry the clothes with no visible means of drying.

Washing racks are so the song goes - “doing what comes naturally!” 

The elements of the sun and the wind as well as reflected heat from outside walls do their job perfectly in good weather. Most housewives will agree that getting the wind through the clothes in the sun –nothing can be better. 

We are all experiencing worldwide extremes of weather- largely blamed on global warming – which is why we are all so right to be concerned about our carbon footprint - the amount of carbon dioxide we allow into the atmosphere by our actions or the products we support and the carbon generated to produce or ship those goods. 
Plant a tree for every flight or use someone else's bath water so it will only be heated once! Take the bus or share a car for journeys to work. 

But wait - there is something we can do in our homes or residences. We can use a washing rack to dry our clothes the natural way. 

Placed over a radiator already heating the room or hung on a multiple washing line over the bath. Wall mounted or floor standing - the modern washing rack is the complete - energy free - drying system.