Wall Mounted Clothes Airers

Our wall mounted airer range offers an airer to suit everybody. With strength on its side the Ruckzuck can hold weights of up to 20kg. Ideal for larger families.

The Artdry which holds weights up to 12kg is an innovative model which cleverly disguises its self as a towel rail when not in use.

artdry wall mounted airer

The Smart will hold up to 10kg so is the ideal airer for smaller families and those without heavy drying needs.

Wall mounted airers can make use of 'empty' space in our homes helping to save space.

To put one of our wall mounted airers on the wall you will need to drill holes in your wall, on the back of our boxes there is a drill hole guide to enable accurate spacing.

Remember you will need to use the correct rawl plug for the type of wall you are mounting your airer on. We recommend choosing a solid wall to prevent the weight of your laundry pulling the screws from the wall.

Don't forget to use the correct drill bit if you are going to mount your clothes airer on a tiled wall.